Please don’t think we’re presumptuous when we say we know your needs.

We do.

Because they were our needs, too.

As owners of independent retail stores, we walked millions of miles in your shoes. You don’t need to explain how hard it is to raise a family and run the company and pay the bills and hire and fire people – because the soles of our shoes are still dusty from walking down your road.

Today, we only offer services that we already spent our own money on.

Let’s start talking about your better life.

Organizational Consulting

Like a chiropractor for your org chart. Get aligned then get to work.

Operational Consulting

Helping you work on your business, not in it.

Marketing Services

Take a sneak peek inside the mind of your customer, and sing her your unique song.

Marketing Products

The right media, the right message… watch your margins rise.

Online Strategy

Leave a digital footprint Ms. Jones™ can follow right to your sales floor. From website development to e-Commerce and search engine optimization (SEO), our portfolio of services are designed by retailers, for retailers.

Performance Groups

A place for executive-level, passionate and experienced business owners to brainstorm solutions and benchmark performance.

Friends & Family

A month’s worth of volume in just four hours? We did it, and we’ll teach you how. Ms. Jones™ is our metaphor for your market. She represents all the people you wish to persuade to purchase your products and services. She is not a number, a bar on a chart, or a homogenous demographic. She is a real, unique individual who holds the keys to your future.