Our Cave

OurCave is an exciting startup in an entirely new product category: Garage Furniture. OurCave is a family brand that makes consumers of all ages smile with the joy of being entertained and organized for immediate adventure. Owners Randal and Justin Huntington were bothered by how hard it was to display bikes and gear in pro shops. The entrepreneurs put their background in design and passion for the adventure industry to work and invented store fixtures that soon became a game-changer in the world of retail design.

They took these fixtures home and used their proprietary online 3D planner to design a configuration to fit their space. Custom options were developed like a power strip for a video game center, task lighting for a workbench, magnetic strips for tool storage, and custom shelving and brackets to accommodate every sport, tool, and hobby. Their garage was soon outfitted with the same fixtures retailers had come to rely on for functional display, effective storage, and convenient accessibility. The modular storage units were shipped to their home in flat boxes and were easily assembled without tools. The freestanding shelving didn’t damage walls and can be rearranged as needs change or relocated if the family moves.

When neighbors kept asking where they could get this “garage furniture” for their own homes, and attendees at trade shows kept saying, “This bike lifter sure would be great in my apartment,” Our Cave was born.

Project Scope

TLM consults with Our Cave owners on all aspects of the startup. Financial goals were set and record-keeping systems put in place. A marketing plan was implemented and a new website was developed. The product was launched at the international Las Vegas Furniture Market and retailers are gaining interest in this new revenue stream with a scalable sales opportunity. We also implemented and managed social media posting for Our Cave. 

Project Challenges

Creating an entirely new product is as exciting as it is challenging. New vocabulary has to be developed that’s easy and intuitive for new customers and resellers to grasp. Being first to market, however, is worth the thrill! 


Services Provided

  • Discovery
  • Financial Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Launch
  • Custom website design
  • Sales force development