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04 Aug

Nickels & Dimes:

Keep yoour family business fresh. Ideas are readily available. Strategy and execution will let you take on the big boys and win!
30 Jul

Furniture Fairy can’t protect your family

The Las Vegas furniture market is filled with great product introductions and a record number of retailers looking to fend off the summer blues. I was nicely surprised to NOT hear people complaining about how difficult business is. While it
21 Jul

Rite of Passage

For the first half of our life, passages are fairly easily marked. We go to school, get a job, find a mate, raise a family and contribute to our community. But a strange thing happens on the way to the
14 Jun

Cultural Code

What is culture? How does it play out in family business? A culture can be defined by four foundational stones. They are artifacts, perspectives, values, and assumptions (Schein 1985, Dyer 1986) and on these, researchers agree. I’m wondering how you
12 Jun

The grip and all its trappings

In a previous post I wrote about the archetypes of personality. These archetypes seem to have been imprinted within each of us. To me the key to understanding is to realize at any giving time we may be acting in