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10 Feb

Utilizing SEO: Strategy

Part 3 of 3 Beyond technology, here are three principles to remember when planning and executing an SEO campaign: Flow Remember, the reason you are trying to get your website to the top of the first page is because you
08 Feb

Utilizing SEO: Glossary of Key Terms

Part 2 of 3 Understanding these key SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ideas and terms will help you make the best decisions for your search marketing strategy: Title Each page on your website is coded with a unique title that is
17 Dec

How To Make Your Website Stick

Consumers have a lot to look at these days. We’re exposed to several thousand advertisements and websites each day, yet we remember very few of them – despite billions of dollars spent on advertising. How can you do a better
18 Nov

History does repeat.

491 years and 18 days ago, the 95 Thesis was nailed to the door in Wittenberg. In its day, this was the means of inviting scholars to debate important issues. Not a single person took the challenge. A decree condemning
11 Oct

Social Media

Foul language shouldn’t be needed to make your position clear. No one has ever accused me of of being a prude. In fact, just the opposite is more likely the case. The use of bottom rung slang is no longer
22 Jul
10 Jul