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20 Oct

Recession Survival Kit, Part II

If you’re in High Point, come find out what’s working for other retailers during this “economic downturn” tomorrow at 2:30 pm in the 12th floor resource center. There are actually six things- no, seven things your family business can do
19 Oct

How to survive a recession

This week in High Point, North Carolina, furniture retailers from around the country will be asking, “How do I survive this recession?” Come find out what’s working on Tuesday at 2:30 pm in the 12th floor resource center. There are
11 Oct

Social Media

Foul language shouldn’t be needed to make your position clear. No one has ever accused me of of being a prude. In fact, just the opposite is more likely the case. The use of bottom rung slang is no longer
04 Oct

Retail Downer

After reading the September newsletter from furniture guru Jerry Epperson I wondered if death were a better option than retail. Jerry is typically easy on the ears and his market presentations, while interesting, are typically a rewrapped repeat of his
27 Aug

A Tale of Two Brains or Three?

It has been said men likely think with their head, rarely think with their hearts, and sometimes even think with their… I wonder which brain locks in on the same-old-same-ole advertising ideas. Who’s run this? Have you seen this somewhere
28 Jul

Business Unusual:

This evening seems simply surreal. I’m in Las Vegas preparing to speak to a number of independent furniture store owners at World Market Center. Generational transfer is the topic of the presentation. While reviewing notes it was striking to re-read