With over 50 years combined retail experience and as the former owners of a $6M retail store which was twice named one of the “Top 100 Independent Furniture Stores” by FurnitureToday, we’ve felt the responsibility of providing a living for our employees and their families. We’ve hired them, trained them and sometimes fired them. We’ve written newsletters and brochures and letters and manuals. We’ve built websites, created advertising, bought merchandise and dealt with customers. We’ve paid the bills.

We’ve made mistakes and we’ve had plenty of sleepless nights. We’ve also had enormous successes that we want to share with your business.

We now spend our time helping business owners do all the things you want to do – you know you need to do – but simply don’t have time to do.

We can build your website or develop a social media presence (we can even help you build your list of opt-in email addresses). We can train your sales managers and salespeople. We can help you understand financial ratios and employment practices.

Your livelihood is on the line when you trust your work to an outside source. We’ll tell you straight up if we think you’d get better results somewhere else. When we do help you, you’ll get experienced, accurate, compassionate and professional work that gets you where you need to be.

Organizational Consulting

Operational Consulting