08 Oct

PROFITsystems and The Lively Merchant Team Up


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PROFITsystems and The Lively Merchant Team Up

New Joint Offerings Benefit Retailers

October 1, 2008,— PROFITsystems, Inc., the leading software provider for the retail furniture industry, and The Lively Merchant, a consulting firm offering a variety of business building tools, have formed a new working relationship. The synergy of the products that the two companies offer makes this a win-win situation for retailers. Wayne McMahon, VP of PROFITconsulting and David Lively, owner of the Lively Merchant, are combining their years of experience in business analysis to provide retailers with expertise in specialized areas of their business.

Lively specializes in generational transfer consulting, which PROFITsystems and The Lively Merchant are making available to their clients. McMahon stated, “Many owners of businesses in the home furnishings industry are second and third generation. Being able to offer a clear plan on transitioning the business to the next generation is vital to the continued success of these businesses.” McMahon continued, “Providing a path to this transition will be a huge benefit to our clients.”

The two companies will also be joining efforts in developing marketing campaigns for retailers. PROFITsystems’ e-Marketing is designed to offer retailers an organized way to utilize their client base for specified marketing efforts and The Lively Merchant has a unique copyrighted 47 point how-to manual for big event sales. These will be offered as an exclusive mix that will highlight the best of both programs. Lively said, “Advertising and marketing are evolving at an incredible pace. Many business owners are busy keeping up with the retail furniture industry and just do not have the time to keep up on all of the new avenues available in the advertising and marketing arenas. Our two companies have a unique opportunity to do the work that is necessary to bring the newest and most successful campaigns to the retailer.”

PROFITsystems and The Lively Merchant will remain independent companies although future projects will be developed to capitalize on the strengths of each. For additional information on The Lively Merchant or PROFITsystems please visit their individual websites: www.thelivelymerchant.com or www.profitsystems.com.

2 thoughts on “PROFITsystems and The Lively Merchant Team Up

  1. Ross Elwell

    Keys Furniture Connection, Inc. a family company, has 30% inventory on markdown, 19.96% inventory to sales ratio. We do need to fix both those satistics. The promotion your proposing cost $10m plus adv. costs. What is the estimated adv. costs? How many mgmt. people does it take and how much lead time to do this promotion? How many additional sale people do we need? What types of adv. are used. Do you offer follow-up promotions to this one to keep it going?

  2. David Post author

    Ross thanks for these great questions.

    After 22 years of walking mile-after-mile in your shoes I assure you we have taken your expense and operational needs into account when designing this event.

    I have emailed your personally to discuss the details of your store directly.


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