Organizational Consulting


As one of our favorite teachers says, “It’s hard to read the label when you’re inside the bottle.” We can help you step outside and take a fresh look in at your business, to see new opportunities and gain perspective on your obstacles.


Generational Transfer Consulting

This is the foundation of all the work we do. A tidal shift is about to rock our nation as Boomers retire and a new generation of leaders takes the helm. Generational Transfer speaks to both generations as you transfer authority, power and responsibility while holding onto your reputation and your relationships. Lawyers, accountants and brokers can manage your current affairs – we’re here to ensure your company’s future. Leave a legacy, keep your sanity.


How do you make decisions for your business? Are they based on data, or emotion? Analytics helps you discover and understand your unique historical patterns with an eye to predicting and improving performance in the future. This rigorous 1,000+ question survey gets to the heart of your business and shows you how it stacks up against industry averages.


Baseball legend Yogi Berra said; “Any road can get you there, when you don’t know where you are going.” OurDiscovery process will uncover the felt need of your customer and provide you with the ammunition necessary to speak and act in a way that turns them on. Truly creative creative direction positions the customer as an active participant in your story.

MBTI® Personality Profiling

Have you ever tried to mix oil and water? Communication sometimes feels the same way. Myers-Briggs personality profiling is the oldest and most accurate measure of the personality differences of people. As a certified practitioner we will work to build long lasting bridges for effective communication… the kind that lasts through years of difficulties.

Organizational Development

We have walked many miles in your shoesOrganizational development is not just a theory we claim to understand, it is the difference between our successes and our failures personally. Make certain the company providing you with OD has done more than just teach their beliefs.