Marketing Services


Start here, before you say a single word.

Identify your edge, your sword in the stone, the story only you can tell. Then get to know your market, your Ms. Jones. Your sneak peek inside her life will guide every move you make.

Competitive Analysis

Sun Tzu in the 6th century BC defined strategy as quick and appropriate responses to changing conditions, not merely working through a to-do list. Planning works in a controlled environment, but in a competitive environment, competing plans collide and creating unexpected situations. We work with a variation of tactics to put your business in the winner’s circle, leaving your competitors in the dust.


Quit complaining about Wal-Mart! Give your customer real reasons to choose you instead of them. Are you talking about your differences at every turn? If not, you had better start. Figure out what sets you apart and shout it from the rooftops.

Market Segmentation

Birds of a feather flock together. You had better believe it! How you say something is often more important than what you say. We provide you with the clearest picture anywhere as to why groups of people do what they do.

Media Buying

Buying media is a lot like buying a used car. Everything is negotiable, and it is rarely very fun. Our professional relationships have been built nationwide since 1987 in partnership with R&A Marketing. We have proven time and time again to get our customers more bang for their buck even after paying our fees.

Media Selection

Every media rep claims to have the “right” customers for you. Let’s be transparent: they earn their commission by selling you ad space. We will never take a penny of commission from any media source and because of this we are freed up to provide you only the best advice.

Needs Analysis

If your website isn’t working at least as well as your worst salesperson, you should fire itDave Young at Persuasion Pro taught us the three most important questions for site design, and we put them to work every day. Don’t worry, there are no technical geeks within a country mile of The Lively Merchant. Just retailers who speak your language and translate it to the folks on the other side.

Meet Ms. Jones™

Bring the imaginary to life. If you’re still looking at your customer as a demographic profile of maps, numbers and statistics, you’ve missed the boat. We personify your customer right down to the name of her dog, using science and art to bring your demo data to life. Congratulations! You’re now armed to give the right message using the right media to the right customer.

Strategic Planning

All planning had better be strategic or it’s just a waste of oxygen. We help you cut through miles of crap and get right to the heart of your marketing planning. Together we will live the adage that plans produce outcomes. We explore multiple scenarios, we design multiple pathways, and we will plan multiple outcomes. The result means you will know exactly where you are on the map 100% of the time. Priced on a need basis, components include:

  • Discovery
  • Meet Ms. Jones
  • Media Day
  • Media Selection
  • 6-month Advertising Budget
  • 6-month Advertising Calendar