04 Aug

Fabric is 29% of Q2 Sales

Grey Suit Retail, our online marketing and web development company, provided this data to FURNITURE|TODAY

FURNITURE|TODAY August 1, 2011

This week's EIntent presents the most-purchased products through Grey Suit Retail's portfolio of online retailers for 2011's second quarter. As with 2011's first quarter and the fourth quarter of 2010, upholstery, including fabrics and leather sofas, recliners and chairs, were bought most often in the three-month period.

According to the data, fabric upholstery accounted for 29% of online unit sales and leather accounted for 10% of sales. Consumers buying fabric spent an average of $435 on their purchase, while leather buyers spent an average of $773. Master bedroom furniture was also popular, accounting for 19% of online buys. And, occasional tables comprised 11% of online purchases during the second quarter. Buyers paid an average of $324 for the new bedroom furniture and an average of $201 for an occasional table.

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