12 Jun

You’ve got to be kidding me!?!?

  Let me tell you, conflict is ugly and messy. I personally witnessed this last week because of a major breakdown in communication with a close family friend. The conflict occurred after one of our employees was included in a
21 Feb
13 Jan
09 Dec

Why Don’t You Try This?

Dr. Howard Thurman was born in 1899 in the segregated South. In 1923, Thurman graduated from Morehouse College as valedictorian. He was ordained a Baptist minister in 1925, after completing his study at the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. He
12 Jul

Facebook Ain’t a Fad, Pt. 2

This  article that was originally published in the June-July issue of Western Retailer magazine: …continued from Part 1.  I shared with you five easy tips to begin successfully marketing your business on Facebook and non-traditional platforms.  Those were just the
08 Jul

Facebook Ain’t a Fad, Pt. 1

This article was originally published in the June-July issue of Western Retailer magazine: Social media has become the rage of marketing in the furniture business. Those who have taken a “wait and see” attitude will soon figure out this type
05 Jul

Winners Never Quit

Sculptures are created by slowly chipping away. One blow upon the chisel with the hammer does not make the excess stone fall away and reveal a masterpiece.  The artist hits and chips away at the stone continually. And this true
08 Feb

Utilizing SEO: Glossary of Key Terms

Part 2 of 3 Understanding these key SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ideas and terms will help you make the best decisions for your search marketing strategy: Title Each page on your website is coded with a unique title that is
05 Feb

Utilizing SEO: Why and How?

Part 1 of 3 Used to be, the company with the biggest Yellow Page ad won the local search wars. Businesses vied for newspaper ads above the fold, billboards at prime intersections, drive time radio and prime time TV. Now,
17 Dec

How To Make Your Website Stick

Consumers have a lot to look at these days. We’re exposed to several thousand advertisements and websites each day, yet we remember very few of them – despite billions of dollars spent on advertising. How can you do a better