03 Dec

Idiom: Shoppertainment

We can’t even go to church anymore without expecting to be entertained. We want great music and puppet shows for the kids. We want to hear a message that tickles our ears, not pierces our hearts. Christmas has become a
21 Nov

Idiom: Creativity

If you ask a class of second graders, “Can you dance? Can you draw? Can you sing?” they will all say yes. Ask a class of college freshman and they will all say no. Somewhere along the line we lose
12 Nov

Idiom: Technology

Are you trapped by technology? Do you spend 20 minutes trying to find the right words for an email that’s going to sail through cyberspace only to land three feet away on your coworker’s desk? Do you save everything into
28 Oct

Idiom: Expectations

You expect a card from your mother on your birthday. You expect the rep to pick up the dinner tab. You expect your kids to get good grades. And sometimes they let you down. Not to say anything bad about
15 Oct

Idiom: Fear

What keeps you up at night? The unpaid invoice to your biggest vendor? The grinding sound when Truck 1 changes gears? Switch gears yourself and put on your “home” hat. Does your credit card statement keep you up at night?
08 Oct

PROFITsystems and The Lively Merchant Team Up

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACT: Jeff Niskern, PROFITsystems, Inc. 719-219-6118 PROFITsystems and The Lively Merchant Team Up New Joint Offerings Benefit Retailers October 1, 2008,— PROFITsystems, Inc., the leading software provider for the retail furniture industry, and The Lively Merchant,
06 Oct

Idiom: Trends

T tops. Duck tails. Leg warmers. Pet rocks. Ugg boots. Cabbage Patch Kids. We’ve all seen them come… and go. Trends, by definition, are here today and usually gone tomorrow, lingering just long enough for at least one embarrassing photo
30 Sep

Idiom: Accomodation

I got a little lecture at the airport today when the agent scolded me for not using the self-check in to change my seat assignment. We’ll save the topic of “talking yourself out of a job” for another day. Today
15 Sep

Idiom: Horizon

“International Talk Like A Pirate Day” is celebrated every year on September 19. So, ahoy! Let’s put the periscope up to your eye (not the one with the black patch). What do you see, Matey? What’s on the horizon? Do
09 Sep

Idiom: Rules

Turn signal flashing, Mrs. Customer carefully pulls her Buick up to your store and asks to see matching tables for her living room. Ms. Customer peels into the lot, glove box bursting with parking tickets, and asks if you have