17 Sep

Idiom: Family

Family man. Runs in the family. In the family way. Family tree. Family matters. Americana is all about family. We’ve even stretched it to include our “work family” and our “school family” or our “church family.” Despite efforts to redefine
17 Aug

Idiom: Information

“Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.” Ms. Jones might pull out this Joe Friday line when she’s furniture shopping. Even if she falls head over heels in love with a sexy chaise or a beautiful bedroom, she’s going to
30 Jul

Idiom: Recycle

Toilet paper made from yesterday’s news. Computers made from clunkers. New tin cans made from old tin cans. Recycling is a good thing, most of the time. Furniture recycling, however, is not a good thing for you. We’re not talking
09 Jul

Idiom: Order

People shouting, arms waving, voices rising. Bang! Bang! The judge pounds his gavel and shouts, “Order in the court! Order in the court!” The slamming gavel continues until the courtroom goes silent. Ever notice that you don’t reach into your
16 Jun

Idiom: Tranquility

Smell the suntan lotion… taste the piña colada… run your fingers through the warm sand… listen to the seagulls… gaze into the clear blue water… Where is your perfect picture of tranquility? Maybe it’s not a beach. Maybe it’s a
16 Apr

Idiom: Apology

If you think you deserve one, you know exactly how an apology should be delivered. Eye to eye so you can see their pain. Face to face so you can sense their sincerity. And yesterday wouldn’t have been too soon.
16 Mar

Bridge Jumping, Part II {still true}

THE NEW YORK TIMES, SEPTEMBER 8, 1895 – Mrs. Clara McArthur of 167 [sic] East One Hundred and Twenty-seventh Street, the young woman who attempted to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge ten days ago, but was prevented from doing so
13 Mar

Bridge Jumping {a true story}

THE NEW YORK TIMES, AUGUST 31, 1895 – Mrs. Clara McArthur of 162 East One Hundred and Twenty-seventh Street attempted to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge at 5:30 o’clock yesterday morning, but was prevented by the bridge policemen… “I made
25 Feb

Idiom: Rhetorical

Multiple choice. How does the typical customer respond to this question: “How can I help you?” A: “I’ve come to fork over my hard-earned money on some of your fine merchandise. Here’s my wallet – please, just take whatever you
30 Dec

Idiom: [New Year’s] Priorities

Your priorities are what you do PRIOR to everything else. We spend a lot of time evaluating our priorities this time of year, making promises to lose 20 pounds and call our parents more often. Most people would say that