09 Dec

Why Don’t You Try This?

Dr. Howard Thurman was born in 1899 in the segregated South. In 1923, Thurman graduated from Morehouse College as valedictorian. He was ordained a Baptist minister in 1925, after completing his study at the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. He
27 May

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

I might be the only furniture guy with a brain on the bookcase next to my desk. Brain science has changed our understanding of free will, consciousness, memory, motivations and indeed, connections between the mind and the brain. There is
16 Jan

Industry-Wide Web Summit

February 8 in Vegas, baby! REGISTER HERE Many in the home furnishings industry are still trying to figure out how to best use the internet to boost the bottom line. To simplify the complex world of online marketing, home furnishings
09 Dec

Beware of the Doghouse

To all the women out there who’ve ever unwrapped a vacuum cleaner, and to all the retailers who think the best ads are about product, price and promotion. Merry Christmas from The Lively Merchant
24 Oct

Flabby brains make Johnny a dull boy.

“The brain has three natural roadblocks that stand in the way of truly innovative thinking: 1. flawed perception 2. fear of failure 3. the inability to persuade others.” – Dr. Gregory Berns, neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and Distinguished Chair of Neuroeconomics at
23 Oct

Toughing it out. Keeping it together. Making ends meet.

The language of the left brain is logical. The educational system in the United States has effectively taught generations of left-brained thinkers. However, studies have shown that children loose a large percentage of their creativity between ages 5 and 7.
08 Oct

PROFITsystems and The Lively Merchant Team Up

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACT: Jeff Niskern, PROFITsystems, Inc. 719-219-6118 PROFITsystems and The Lively Merchant Team Up New Joint Offerings Benefit Retailers October 1, 2008,— PROFITsystems, Inc., the leading software provider for the retail furniture industry, and The Lively Merchant,
24 Sep

What A Shame.

“It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.” Thomas Jefferson After listening to President Bush and then a dozen channels
21 Sep

Generational Training

Greed-is-good Yuppies and Bible-believing conservatives each handle training the same way. This morning I was thinking about personality type as it relates to training. Of course, wondering always leads me to generational questions. Remember we are living and working in
26 Jul