Marketing Products


Got something to say?

We can help you find the right media for your message. We don’t take commission on media buys so you’ll get impartial advice with your best interest in mind.

Copywriting and Copy Editing

Did you hear that door slamming? It was the sound of your customer leaving as you promoted product, price and terms over and over and over. Today, your customer wants to hear your authentic story. We can help you discover your story as well as tell it in every form of marketing including brochures and newsletters. We’ll apply the “five Cs” to ensure your content is clear, correct, concise, consistent and comprehensible.

Creative Packages

Imagine the possibilities if you knew exactly how much it was going to cost to design all of your newspaper, web, TV and radio spots! Our Creative Packages provide you with certainty you can hang your hat on.

Direct Mail

You should stand out among all the other screaming businesses in your marketCopying the last letter or post card promotion you saw is rarely the formula for your success. We create compelling copy and graphics that will make your customers respond.

Tell Ms. JonesTM E-Mail Marketing

Reach out and touch someone, 21st century style. Choose from catchy content, customizable templates or custom designs that are informative, educational or promotional. We do all the work for you, unlike those big national companies that give limited options and make you manage your own campaigns.

In-Store and Online Video

Who better than you to tell your story? A combination of creative writing, persuasive writing, video editing and radio elements combine to make a clip that promises to be more interesting than looking at someone else’s vacation pictures.

Persuasive Writing

Roy Williams says, “Other than ransom notes, persuasive writing is the most lucrative writing in the world.” We agree. Persuasion is very different than story telling. We write your company’s need for advertising as a call to action.

Point of Purchase Marketing

Why stop telling your story in your store? Use your branding message, colors and logo consistently throughout your organization on price tags, group tags, brochures, promotional signage, directional signage, sales forms and even on the bathroom door.

Print Advertising

Visual ads must engage the mind and imagination quickly. The newspaper is best for moving merchandise with short-term offers. The impact of your print advertising needs to be at its peak because rarely will you have more than one opportunity to convince the customer using print. Learn how and when to use it most effectively and stop spending money just because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Products include:

  • Single sheet and broadsheet inserts
  • Newspaper and magazine ads

Radio Advertising

Some believed “video killed the radio star,” but we know nothing could be further from the truth. Scientifically, humans are wired to live in their imaginations. Our copy and production techniques surprise Broca. (Look it up, but beware.) Ads proceed directly to the decision making part of the brain. Let us find and tell your untold story. If you don’t chicken out, we know mountains might move.

Television Advertising

Looking like a homemade hokey in your television commercials is not the independent store owner’s badge of honor. Be afraid of a local cable rep whose commission check depends on convincing you otherwise. We exclusively use Final-Cut Pro, the state of the art movie editing software, for each of our customized spots. While vacationing across the country you will not see your spot playing in some other guy’s market. We create each spot one at a time for maximum impact. You’ll be surprised how little it costs to look like a $1,000,000 bucks.


Just because everyone else in your industry “does it this way” doesn’t make it right. Of course, if your only desire is to look like the Joneses, then we will take your money and copy whoever you tell us to. We prefer to discover your untold story, to develop your customer personas, and write compelling copy to all four basic personality types. By using the latest technology we will work to have you king of your mountain faster than you can say, “Shazam!” Products include:

  • Website design
  • Website content
  • Web hosting
  • Web posting and maintenance
  • Web ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online shopping
  • Online financing
  • Product Gallery
  • Blogging